Decorating Tips: Area Rugs Are An Easy Win

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Decorating is definitely one of those things in life that is overlooked and often viewed as just detail. It serves the purpose of providing personality and comfort to any environment. I was quite oblivious to the importance of decor until I moved into my dorm room. I walked into a small room with the ugliest furnishing I’ve ever had to call mine. The cinder block walls only made it worse. I was so disappointed and had no idea how I could have ever made myself at home. In that moment, I understood why college students on Tumblr are so dedicated to decorating their dorm room. My roommate had already decorated her side of the room and from her decor, it was clear to me that we were complete opposites. Although I was irritated with the furniture and my roommate’s taste, I was inspired to add my touch and to express myself through my very own decor. Tapestry of my choice on my wall to cover up the jail cell look of the walls and Marilyn Monroe posters, selfies of my loved ones, quotes etc., provided me the opportunity to get comfy and settle in. Decor matters, especially when you have to get used to living in a tiny dorm room with a complete stranger.

I think a time when decor meant a lot to me was when I first moved into college. I realized that one’s environment they live in is very important because it can impact your psyche. Thus, I got to work. At certain times I knew, I was going to get homesick because it was my first time officially leaving my house for longer than a week. I decided that it is important to bring belongings to make me not feel so emotionally attached to my house and those in it. Therefore, I brought photos of me and my family. However, instead of putting these pictures in a frame, I printed smaller sized pictures and attached them using a clothing hanger to a small rope. Then, using command strip hooks I hung these pictures onto the wall viewing all of my memories and happy moments with my family and friends.

Additionally, I put ethnic posters up to remind me of my culture. Something I don’t want to forget.  Then I hung up some of my old paintings and motivational quotes around my room because I understood at certain points, I was going to have some breakdowns and a positive affirmation can go a long way. And in actual fact, it did. My living space was a great place for me not only to unwind but to study as well because I properly decorated and arranged the place to the point where I can mentally be sane and balanced. Furthermore, room decor has a serious impact on how you live.

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February 2, 2018