How To Improve Your Room with Western Rugs

interior design / Monday, March 5th, 2018

western rug

Western Rugs Are The Foundation of Western Decor

I used at spend all my time in my room, which was old, facing another house, and despite its giant windows was almost completely avoided by the sun. I was a moody teenager and sitting in that dark old room, often for hours at a time, didn’t help. I spent most of my high school years in a dark place where I didn’t grow and didn’t produce anything worthwhile. When I finally emerged outside, I felt as if I hadn’t grown at all. It was as if I hadn’t even left that dark bedroom. It was when I moved out of my house and into the dorms at my university that I decided to create a different sort of environment. One that would encourage success and achievement. I opened the windows, rarely closed the blinds, and hung up posters of art from my favorite artists.



I filled my desk with my favorite books and grew little cacti on every empty surface. It made the room feel fresh and really improved both my mood and my motivation. I’m much more likely to study or be creative if I’m in a good mood. I’ve come to realize that bright rooms lead to more bright ideas and dark rooms mute my inspiration. The way I had decorated my room made it a safe space to retreat to when the pressure of school and being so far from home got to me. Now whenever I decorate a room, it’s always full of bright natural light, fairy lights, and plants. Lots and lots of plants. Most important of all, I make it my room. My own place. A place to remind me who I really am, why I’m here, and what I want to do with my life. Just like the plants that cover my room, cultivating my life takes a safe place to grow and a lot of beautiful light to be let in.



I never really thought about the importance of western decor until just about a month ago. At that time, my partner and I bought a poster of the map of the world where each country and state can be scratched off. Now just like any other map of the world, it is nice to see how big the earth is and how there is so much space and so many people to meet and cultures to learn about. However, the thing that made this specific poster unique to me was that it was not just a random piece of paper that hung on the wall; this poster was my future. Because I am able to scratch off the various countries on the map, it showed me all the possible places I could travel for the rest of my life. To me, this poster wasn’t just decoration. It was a checklist of everywhere I wanted to be.


I think that is a reason why people have decor; to see a goal they want to achieve every day. Whether it be a beach picture of their dream vacation or a rug with a design they want to learn how to make themselves one day. Even a simple bookshelf can be a goal someone can see every day to remind them and push them to read all those books one day. Having decor is a way to see your goals every day in real life to help you make your dreams a reality. One easy way to improve your western decorating style is to add western rugs from Southwestern Rugs Depot to your home.


Western decor can be like a time machine. People have western decor because they want to travel to the past. They keep porcelain dolls in memory of family members; they pass precious china down generations for decorations; people even keep pictures of old Presidents to remind them how America began. Just like the past, decor can help us travel into the future to show us where we want to be and what we want to experience. Western decor brings happiness! It is amazing how a simple vase or an unordinary painting can mean the world to someone because of the connections made between those objects and emotions. The most beautiful part is that one object can have connections to an endless amount of people. Who knows? There could be a thousand other people who love this scratch poster map of the world for all unique reasons besides my own. It is amazing.